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Sound Healing 

Dive into deep relaxation with this ancient healing practice.  Sound healing uses a variety of instruments such as Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong, Rain Stick and more that are tuned to specific healing vibrational frequencies that synchronize with your brainwaves.  As you lay comfortably in savasana, these frequencies flow through your body, releasing energetic blockages to ease tension, promote circulation, and restore homeostasis.

Service Information

 Sound Healing sessions come in a variety of time increments.  Prior to your service, we will discuss some key points such as current emotional and physical state, intention for the session, and any questions you may have.  Your will be fully clothed during your session, and comfortable non - restrictive clothing is recommended.  Eye mask, pillow, blankets etc. are provided for optimal comfort.  

Travel sessions are also available, where the entire experience will be brought to you!

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